The processing script used to process raw CAN data from the scope CSV output can be found here.



There are two releases at the time of writing this page:

v1.0: Single-file script without setuptools integration. The more “stable” version. v1.1: Modularized version of the above script, with some unfinished features. This is more bleeding-edge version.


(note that the program name may very depending on your execution environment - either a local script ./, or a script in your path, tractordata_parse.)

To list all packets with the PGN 0xF004, while also showing the source address:

tractordata_parse id-info --sortby-pgn --target-info 0xf004 --show-src

To list all unique PGN values:

tractordata_parse dump-ids --sortby-pgn

To list all unique sources:

tractordata_parse dump-ids --sortby-src