1. ECU Information
  2. ECU Pin Out
  3. ECU Connector

ECU Information

Initial reverse engineering efforts occurred on a remanufactured ECU.

The ECU used for reverse engineering on the test bench is a John Deere part number SE502849 Level 11 ECU.

The block diagram for our setup can be found below:

Block diagram of our test bench

More info on the ECU internals can be found here.

ECU Pin Out

The ECU has a pinout per the table below:

Pin Location Usage Typical Value Units
B1, B2, E3 Power 12 Volts DC
B1, B2, E3 Power At least 10 Amps
C3, C2 Ground Ground  
L1 CAN High    
L2 CAN Low    

The ECU connectors are left to right resting on a table with the lid off as shown in the image below:

Head on images of the ECU connectors

[Connector 1][Connector 2]

Connector 1 is indexed with letters A-K for columns and rows 1-3

Connector 2 is indexed with letters L-Y for columns and rows 1-3

ECU Connector

The ECU connector plug has been identified conclusively as a Cinch Connector Model 581-01-30-028 the corresponding port on the ECU is a Cinch Connector Model 581-01-60-001.